10,000 Feet Peaks in Southern California

— New Challenge —

I’ve always been trying to figure out a good challenge to take on. I have a ton of training above 10,000 feet I need to do because I have two major hikes this year including two peaks above 14,000 feet. So, I’ve been trying to think what would be cool training for the hikes that I have planned. What if I hike every single peak in Southern California that is above 10,000 feet? It’s definitely doable, don’t know how long it will take me, but it will be a good challenge that I can keep updating you guys on here on this blog. Have any of you done any of these? I have done only 2 of them Mt. Baldy (Mount San Antonio – twice) and San Jacinto Peak (Cactus to Clouds Hike).

Have any of you guys done all of these or even any? Tell me about your journey!

— Peaks Above 10,000 Feet —

There are 22 peaks in Southern California that are above 10,000 feet.

Rank Peak Name Elevation (ft.) Date Finished My Description
1. San Gorgonio Mountain 11,499 05/09/21 San Gorgonio via South Fork Trail – San Bernardino National Forest
2. Jepson Peak 11,205
3. Bighorn Mountain 11,205
4. Dragon’s Head 10,866
5. Anderson Peak 10,840
6. San Jacinto Peak 10,834 05/08/16 & 04/17/21 Mt. San Jacinto via Deer Springs Trail

Cactus to Clouds – Palm Springs to Mt. San Jacinto

7. Charlton Peak 10,806
8. San Bernardino East Peak 10,691
9. Shields Peak 10,680
10. Jean Peak 10,670
11. San Bernardino Peak 10,649
12. Alto Diablo 10,563
13. Dobbs Peak 10,510
14. Folly Peak 10,480
15. Miller Peak 10,400
16. Marion Mountain 10,362
17. Grinnell Mountain 10,284
18. Lake Peak 10,161
19. Drury Peak 10,160
20. Little Charlton 10,094
21. Ten Thousand Foot Ridge 10,094
22. Mt. Baldy 10,064 07/23/13 & 11/12/17 & 05/02/21 Mt. Baldy Loop via Bear Canyon Trail

Mt. Baldy – Angeles National Forest

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