Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook – Culver City

Where: Culver City
Mileage: 2.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Recommended: Water

April 13, 2010

Ever want to get out of the city, but not drive too far. Well, this was easy for us in Culver City. We did the short hike to Balwin Hills Scenic Overlook. It’s a very popular place where many resident go, to get there short daily workout or to take a look at Los Angeles below them. At the top there is a panoramic view of the entire Los Angeles Basin, the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. On a clear day it’s gorgeous especially just after a huge rain (snow covered mountains).

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Culver City

The trailhead is off of Jefferson Blvd. where you climb either more than 200 steps or take the switchbacks to the top. We climbed all the steps and then took the switchbacks down to the car. If you must know the elevation gain was 315 feet; but nothing compared to doing that gain in altitude. This is a perfect hike if you just want a short.

Things to know: Free parking on Jefferson, parking fee at the Visitor center. 

Read more here.

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