Nicholas Flat Trail – Malibu


Where: Malibu
Mileage: 7.5 miles
Difficulty: Medium
Recommended: Lots of water

April 18, 2010

Nothing new, we wanted to get out of the city again! So I found a trail that we could go on, that would be a little more demanding than the latest hikes we’ve done.

To get there take Pacific Coast Highway about 25 miles North of the Santa Monica Freeway (I-10). Once you hit Leo Cabrillo State Beach park. You will see a sign on the right side of the road for Nicholas Flat Trailhead a little bit past the entry kiosk.

The weather wasn’t giving us much views, which we expected until later in the afternoon. The first part of this hike is ascending up the mountainside. The higher you get the better the view got, but we didn’t know this until we were on our way back down after the sky cleared up. 1,800 feet we went up till we finally reached more of an open area where we went steadily looking for Nicholas Pond. We weren’t hungry yet, but this is the perfect place to have a small picnic before heading back to reality. I’m guessing, since it was April, there was enough water left for there to still be pond.

We went back to the top and with a view of the hills below had lunch there and headed down as the sun beat down on us. The way down was eventful as we passed many hikers coming up (we were alone in the morning) and the views became more and more clear. Since it was spring, the wildflowers were blooming.

Note to self: wear pants next time because of ticks! Nothing happened to us though, just a precaution.

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