Sequoias 10 days later

Yes, we just got home from the long Kings Canyon hike 10 days ago, but we didn’t care. We had another chance to go up to the Sequoias. A part that we have never been to. That did it for least. I was in!

We went with our friends who were here from New York. Only went up for the day! Never did that before, but it was well worth it and so beautiful. Apart from the traffic wait of an hour on the way up & down because of the one lane road.

General Sherman Tree, Log Tunnel and Morro Rock were our stops. General Sherman is a must see, everybody knows that, need I explain more. The Log Tunnel is a bit out of the way, but still very fun to drive through. Morro Rock the toughest one to get to was the one that stuck with me. You were able to go on the rock: it had formations and steps. The minute you think you got to the top, no there was more to it. Finally after being tricked three times, we reached the end and had a 270 degree view.

Who wouldn’t want to do this???


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