A random trip on a random day

So, it’s always on random days off when my sister insists that we must go somewhere. We knew we couldn’t go too far, so we made our way to Lake Piru.

We found a hike that we wanted to go on, that would lead us up the river near by to a waterfall, but the road was closed, so we decided to go on. On our way out of Lake Piru, we saw some yaks and some deer. If you’ve never seen a yak, this is the place to go. There was so much wildlife there, we had to stop the car for deers crossing as well.

On we went to the Castaic area, where we just drove and drove along the lake. After passing Lake Castaic, we continued on through the valley. We ended up driving all the way to the San Andreas fault line, just to say we touched it, but we found no signs whatsoever in the area, so we turned around. We made it back to Lake Castaic just in time for a spectacular sunset.

From there we went home. If you are ever bored at home and have a day to spare, driving around is a much better idea than sitting at home playing solitaire.

– Misi

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