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The Big Surprise

FINALLY! after three days of moving, we embarked on a journey that was unforgettable; we went to Zurich. We couldn’t bear the excitement of going to see our sister. SHE HAD NO IDEA! We succeeded in surprising her; the hardest part was keeping the… Continue Reading “The Big Surprise”


Deep Creek Hot Springs Hike

We’ve been dreaming about going to a hot springs since the last time we went to Arizona Hot Springs. Finally, weather permitting, we headed into the unknown to make our tracks. Afer 2 1/2 hours, 100 miles from Los Angeles, we finally arrived to… Continue Reading “Deep Creek Hot Springs Hike”

Important thing to do on your birthday…

If you live in Southern California, you must make it a point to go to Big Bear for your birthday. I’m not just talking about going to Big Bear, I’m talking about snowboarding/skiing there. The reason why this is important is because if you… Continue Reading “Important thing to do on your birthday…”

Thanksgiving for trips…

Every year since we were about 12, we have gone on a trip for Thanksgiving. We would pack our water proof bags and go on a journey to the Colorado River, in which we spent four days. No, we didn’t spend four days reading… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving for trips…”

Arizona Hot Springs – another way

Five hour drive from Los Angeles, but well worth it. Walking through a wash most of the way, we found a hike that leads into Arizona Hot Springs. We’ve been there before, but only by canoeing up from Willow Creek Docking Area. It was… Continue Reading “Arizona Hot Springs – another way”

Nicholas Flat Trail – Leo Carrillo State Park

Location: Leo Carrillo State Park Elevation Gain: 1800 feet Mileage: 7.5 miles Difficulty: Moderate Type: Out and back Nicholas Flat Trail is located just across Leo Carrillo State Park. The area offers easy to moderate hiking, a small pond and views of Malibu and… Continue Reading “Nicholas Flat Trail – Leo Carrillo State Park”

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook – Culver City

  Location: Culver City, CA Elevation Gain: 315 feet Mileage: 0.4-2.5 miles Difficulty: Easy to moderate Type: Stairs, short workout Background Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a perfect place to go not to far away from home, especially if you live in Culver City.… Continue Reading “Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook – Culver City”