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East Fork Trail – San Gabriel Mountains

Where: San Gabriel Mountains Mileage: 10.2 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation gain: 900 feet Recommended: Water, picnic stuff, bathing suit, towel To get to the trailhead: Take 210 freeway, in Azusa take Route 39 North. After 11.6 miles and passing two reservoirs (Morris and San… Continue Reading “East Fork Trail – San Gabriel Mountains”


Mt. Baldy – Angeles National Forest

Where: Angeles National Forest Mileage: 11.25 Difficulty: Strenuous Elevation gain: 4,000 feet Recommended: Weatherproof jacket, lots of water, camera, food, cash/card To get to the trailhead off of 210 freeway take the exit Mountain Avenue and make sure you are heading North into the… Continue Reading “Mt. Baldy – Angeles National Forest”

Mt. Waterman – San Gabriel Mountains

Where: San Gabriel Mountains Mileage: 6.0 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation gain: 1,300 feet Recommended: Water, picnic stuff To get to the trailhead: Take 210 freeway and head northeast on Angeles Crest Highway (CA 2) for 35 miles. Find a small parking area on the… Continue Reading “Mt. Waterman – San Gabriel Mountains”

Mist Falls – Kings Canyon National Park

Where: Kings Canyon National Park Mileage: 9.2 miles Difficulty: Easy to moderate Recommended: Water, snack, camera One of the main reasons we left at 5 am in the morning from Redondo Beach was to be able to hit this hike and still get to… Continue Reading “Mist Falls – Kings Canyon National Park”

Woodland Trail – San Bernardino National Forest

Where: San Bernardino National Forest Mileage: 1.5 miles Difficulty: Easy Recommended: Water After a half day of snowboarding, it was too hot to keep going, so we instead went for a short hike with nice views of Big Bear Lake. There was only a… Continue Reading “Woodland Trail – San Bernardino National Forest”

Trail Canyon – Tom Lucas Camp

Where: Angeles National Forest Mileage: 5.0 miles Difficulty: Easy Recommended: Water, pants It was one of those days that we needed to get out of the city, so we took the 210 freeway to Tujunga, CA. After exiting on Sunland (left) make another left… Continue Reading “Trail Canyon – Tom Lucas Camp”

Zuma Canyon to Newton Falls

Where: Malibu Canyon Mileage: 3.20 miles Difficulty: Easy Recommended: Pants We didn’t know what to expect on this hike and ended up turning back early. To get to the trailhead was very easy. You can take 101 or the coast. We decided to take… Continue Reading “Zuma Canyon to Newton Falls”

Eaton Canyon Waterfall

Where: Angeles National Forest Mileage: 3.67 miles Difficulty: Easy Recommended: towel To get to the trailhead: Eaton Canyon is in the Angeles National Forest. It is very easy to get to the area and to find parking. You have two options for parking: Nature… Continue Reading “Eaton Canyon Waterfall”

Ansel Adams Wilderness Area

Where: Ansel Adams Wilderness Area Mileage: 26.50 miles Difficulty: Difficult Recommended: Fishing license, Wilderness Permit, water filter, bear box Why run a marathon when you can hike one in 3 days with a 50 pound backpack that gets lighter by the day? We hiked… Continue Reading “Ansel Adams Wilderness Area”

Big Baldy Trail

Where: Sequoia National Forest Mileage: 4.8 miles Difficulty: Easy Recommended: Lots of water We’ve been up to Hume Lake area many times and finally decided to do this hike even though we drove by it more than a dozen times. The trailhead is located… Continue Reading “Big Baldy Trail”