Everyone has a goal and mine is traveling and hiking as many trails as I can. I have found that they aren’t all the same, they are all different in each way and each adventure brings different memories that we grow from. Get out there. Go BEYOND LIMITS ON FOOT!

My current goals:

1. 1000 miles by December 31, 2017! – 52.7 miles left!
2. Hike San Gorgonio
3. Summit Mt. Shasta
4. Run my first trail run
5. Hike the High Sierra Trail
6. Hike another Californian 14-er (Mt. Langley)
7. Hike 50 hikes in 2017 (39 left)
8. Hike the John Muir Trail

Finished goals:

1. Hike Cactus to Clouds – Done!
2. Snowshoe for the first time
– Done, in Silvretta Alps Austria (3/18-3/19, 2016)
– Pear Lake Ski Hut (3/11-3/12, 2017)

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