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My Picks – January 2016

Katadyn Vario Water Filter >> >>the water filter you buy because you’re jealous how much faster and easier and cleaner your friend’s filter was on a backpacking trip. We’ve had our filter for over 10 years and it seemed like the time, the time to get something new and… Continue Reading “My Picks – January 2016”


My Picks – July 2015

NO SingleNest Hammock >> >>the hammock you buy to enjoy the outdoors from a different perspective. Almost every time we go backpacking we’re usually sitting and laying on the ground. Floor = uncomfortable & dirty. Buy this hammock and avoid that. You can use it… Continue Reading “My Picks – July 2015”

My Picks – May 2015

Connect Tree Tent – Tentsile LTD >> >>I was browsing through on Instagram and came across a picture that I couldn’t pass by. It was of a young woman @taylormichaelburk who had a bikini on and was sitting in this hammock-like thing above a… Continue Reading “My Picks – May 2015”

Big Santa Anita Canyon – Angeles National Forest

Where: Angeles National Forest Mileage: 9.2 miles Difficulty: Strenuous Elevation gain: 1800 feet Recommended: Forest Adventure Pass, Fire Permit   To get to the trailhead: Exit Santa Anita Avenue off the 210 Freeway and go North (towards the mountains). Go all the way to… Continue Reading “Big Santa Anita Canyon – Angeles National Forest”